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The I-10 Expansion Project

Project Details

The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) and the California Department of Transportation have invested nearly $1 billion to add two express lanes in each direction of the Interstate 10 freeway between the Los Angeles County line and Ford Street in the city of Redlands. The Project is 33 miles in length and divided into two phases. The first phase runs through the cities of Montclair, Upland and Ontario, and is approximately 10 miles in length located between the Los Angeles County line and Interstate 15. The second phase of this project will continue from I-15 to the city of Redlands. Earlier this year, SBCTA started construction of the first phase of the I-10 expansion project, which is expected to take three years to complete. SBCTA will begin right-of-way acquisition efforts for the second phase of the project shortly.

Is Your Property Near The I-10 In San Bernardino County Vulnerable To Eminent Domain?

An inevitable result of the I-10 expansion project is that some nearby property owners are going to have their land taken through eminent domain. Pursuant to the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the government is allowed to take private property for public use so long as it provides the property or business owner with “just compensation.” The best thing you can do if your property or business is being threatened by eminent domain as a result of the I-10 expansion project is to put your case into the hands of a California eminent domain lawyer. A lawyer specialized in eminent domain litigation can help ensure that you receive the maximum compensation that you are entitled to under California state law. Through the eminent domain process, the California eminent domain lawyer you hire can develop a more sophisticated understanding of what constitutes just compensation in your case.

Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer, LLP

The Southern California law firm of Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer, LLP, are experienced professionals who almost exclusively represent business and property owners and have collectively handled hundreds of eminent domain cases throughout the state. We proudly work with property and business owners of all stripes who require sophisticated legal representation at all stages of eminent domain litigation. Every California eminent domain lawyer at our firm in Irvine is a seasoned negotiator with experience achieving the highest property and business valuations on behalf of their clients. Call us today at 949-652-2622 to speak with a member of our legal team about an eminent domain notice you have received related to the I-10 expansion project in San Bernardino County. The name Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer, LLP, is synonymous with skilled eminent domain representation.