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State Route 55 (SR-55) Widening Project

That portion of SR 55 located in Orange County, between Interstate 5 (I-5) and Interstate 405 (I-405), is one of the most heavily traveled highways in the nation, with approximately 295,000 people driving this stretch of the freeway on a daily basis. Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) in conjunction with Caltrans and the corridor cities have begun a project to widen the highway to increase traffic flow. The current project will cost approximately $411 million. OCTA is the lead agency and anticipates commencing construction in the beginning of 2021. Presently, OCTA is in the right of way phase, with officials directly contacting property and business owners to acquire or condemn their real property and/or business interests located within the path of the highway expansion. If you own real property or a business along this stretch of the freeway, you could be at risk of losing all or a portion of your property and/or business through eminent domain proceedings.

Project Scope

The stretch of SR 55 between I-5 and I-405 currently includes four general-use lanes and one HOV lane in each direction. The expansion project will add one general-use lane, one HOV lane and auxiliary lanes at designated interchanges on both sides of the freeway. Though progress has slowed due to the global COVID-19 crisis, real property and business owners affected by the project should closely monitor new developments. Our eminent domain lawyers in Irvine, California, are here to help and educate you through the process, provide you with up-to-date information regarding the project, and ensure you get the full and fair market value for your property and business interests.

Your Rights

The government may exercise the power of eminent domain to take private property and business interests for a stated public purpose in exchange for payment of just compensation assuming certain statutory obligations are satisfied. Unfortunately, what actions qualify as just and necessary are up for interpretation. Under California Eminent Domain law, property and business owners have the right to seek the fair market value for their property and business interests taken or damaged.

How An Attorney Can Help

As a real property or business owner, losing your property or business through eminent domain proceedings can feel unfair. At Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer, LLP, we want you to know that you are not alone. The law allows you the right to hire an attorney to seek the fair market value of the property or business interests taken or damaged by the government. At our firm, we have substantial experience handling eminent domain cases on behalf of property and business owners. Our experienced team is here to make sure your rights are heard. If you have received notice that your property or business will be part of the SR-55 widening project or are worried your property or business may be at risk, contact Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer, LLP, at 949-652-2622 for a free consultation.