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Southern California Eminent Domain Update – The Inglewood Transit Connector Project

Inglewood is fast becoming one of the most bustling cultural and entertainment hubs in greater Los Angeles area. In addition to being home to two NFL teams, Inglewood will also soon be the location of a nearly $2 billion NBA basketball arena. Major events slated to take place in Inglewood soon are Super Bowl LVI in 2022 and the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2028 Summer Olympics. Also notable is the still-unfinished Hollywood Park Complex – a 280-acre mixed-use development that will feature both retail and commercial office space, a hotel and residential housing.

A substantial increase in the number of vehicle trips to Inglewood stemming from the area’s breakneck growth has prompted the city to propose the Inglewood Transit Connector Project. The city is proposing to build a 1.8-mile elevated train that will connect the Crenshaw/LAX line to the many sports venues and recreational attractions in Inglewood. The train will be a driverless tram that will fill a short but critical transportation gap between downtown Inglewood and the city’s new activity centers.

Although still in the initial planning stages, the Inglewood Transit Connector Project is expected to be a vital component of the city’s economic future.

Can You Lose Your Business Or Real Property To Eminent Domain?

An unfortunate consequence of the Inglewood Transit Connector Project is that many local business and property owners may have their businesses and real property taken through eminent domain proceedings. The term “eminent domain” refers to the right of the government to take private property and convert it to public use. Per the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, any governmental body in this country may exercise its eminent domain power but only if it pays “just compensation,” which is generally interpreted to mean fair market value.

Does building a rail line such as the one being proposed by the City of Inglewood qualify as a public use? The public-use requirement of the Fifth Amendment has historically been broadly interpreted. A valid public use is one that benefits the public-at-large in some way. An infrastructure project like the Inglewood Transit Connector may likely fall into a category of eminent domain takings that courts have said are constitutionally valid.

How Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer Can Help

Discovering that you could lose your property in Inglewood to eminent domain is understandably deeply unsettling. Hiring a qualified California eminent domain lawyer can help ensure that you ultimately receive the highest amount of compensation possible. The California eminent domain lawyers at Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer, in Irvine, have a wealth of experience in eminent domain litigation and are available to help you confidently navigate every step of the process. As a private property or business owner who is being threatened by eminent domain, it is in your direct financial interest to hire a California eminent domain lawyer who understands how to litigate these types of matters so that you obtain the constitutional mandate of just compensation. We at Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer are intimately familiar with the various negotiating tactics that government agencies use during eminent domain litigation and are prepared to help you fight those tactics accordingly.

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If you have received word that your business or property in Inglewood is in danger of being taken through eminent domain, then be sure to explore your legal rights and options by speaking with a California eminent domain lawyer at Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer. We proudly represent a wide range of clients and are exceptionally well-versed in all aspects of eminent domain law as it applies here in Southern California.

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