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The LACMTA Purple Line Subway Extension Project, Section 3

The Purple Line Extension in Los Angeles will provide an alternative for travel between downtown and Westwood. The new rail line will extend west by approximately nine miles and add seven new stations for convenient access to the Westside. Construction of the Purple Line Extension is underway and expected to be completed by 2028 when Los Angeles hosts the Summer Olympics. Presently, LACMTA is in the right-of-way acquisition phase for Section 3. Section 3 extends the Purple Line west by 2.56 miles adding two new stations at Westwood/UCLA and Westwood/VA Hospital.

Transportation Projects And Property Acquisition

The Los Angeles County Transportation Authority must acquire private property, including several subterranean permanent easements to expand critical infrastructure to physically construct the Purple Line Extension. The LACMTA will be acquiring property rights and business interests for a variety of purposes:

Permanent Property Needs

LACMTA requires additional land to increase travel capacity and improve service to a growing population. Once acquired through eminent domain (see below), the land becomes a permanent part of the region’s transportation network.

Temporary Construction Staging

Property is also being acquired on what LACMTA claims is a “temporary” basis (to the extent one may refer to 10 years as temporary) for the purpose of construction staging. This includes space for construction activity, material and equipment storage, field offices and parking.

Below-Ground Easements

Major undertakings such as the LACMTA Purple Line Subway Extension Project also require property below ground for construction of the subway line and related facilities such as, but not limited to, maintenance tunnels and utilities such as water and electricity.

Eminent Domain

The multibillion-dollar Purple Line Extension raises the possibility that you could lose your property and/or business to eminent domain if it is near the project. You could, for example, be notified that your property is under consideration while environmental planning studies are being completed. Alternatively, you could be informed that the LACMTA plans to buy your property from you and intends to begin the appraisal and negotiation process. If a negotiated settlement cannot be reached, then the LACMTA may choose to exercise its power of eminent domain and initiate legal proceedings. Eminent domain is the government’s power to take private property and convert it to public use. The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution holds that a “taking” can only lawfully occur if the affected property owner is given “just compensation.” Determining the amount of compensation that is “just” in an eminent domain case can be extraordinarily difficult, especially with respect to industrial and commercial properties.

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Help is available if you have received notice that your property could be taken through eminent domain due to the LACMTA Purple Line Subway Extension Project. Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer is a Southern California law firm that has provided highly sophisticated representation to property owners in eminent domain matters for decades. The eminent domain lawyers at Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer have extensive experience in the Purple Line and have been intimately involved in this project since its inception with the first segment between Western and Fairfax. Each California eminent domain lawyer on our team is a tireless advocate who has a track record of obtaining positive results for a wide range of property owners. Our lawyers excel at real estate valuation and will leave no stone unturned in their effort to maximize the amount of compensation you ultimately receive. Call 949-652-2622 today to set up a consultation with a California eminent domain lawyer at Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer, LLP. We proudly represent both property owners and tenants at all stages of the eminent domain process. The LACMTA Purple Line Subway Extension Project is a welcome infrastructure improvement but one for which affected property owners and renters must be justly compensated. Partner with Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer, LLP, to ensure that is the case with you.