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California moves to defuse the housing crisis

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Real Estate Litigation

California state Governor Gavin Newsom has signed new legislation that aims to address the spiraling housing crisis. This is an issue that has become a matter of serious concern in the last decade. The new bills are designed to expand production of homes and to promote population growth near employment centers.

The new bills have sparked statewide opposition

The new measures passed by Governor Newsom have not been universally hailed. As a matter of fact, they have quickly become the focus of a whole new round of incoming land use litigation. Over 250 municipal areas all across the state have gone on record as opposing these measures. Many have filed suit to render them void.

Opposition to the bill has been spearheaded by the League of California Cities. This is an organization that claims that these laws will undermine the power of local governments in several crucial area. These include policing power, a very reliable source of authority for local planning and control over land use.

Many municipal governments across the state have also expressed their concern that these bills do more than they claim to at surface level. They fear that these new measures could constitute a powerful force for the planned obsolescence of single-family zoning.

More litigation over land use may be pending

These new bills have provoked some very harsh criticism from experts who foresee a rise in the number of lawsuits filed over land use issues. This is all the more true when it comes to potential disputes over single-family zoning.

Opponents of the bill point to recent support by Democratic senators who oppose single-family dwellings being built within the areas covered by the new bills. The battle over zoning rights and other land use issues may continue for years to come.